Level 3 Processing is a method of accepting payments that attaches additional information to your transaction, allowing for lower rates from Visa and MasterCard.  Our company has access to all the leading products and technologies that save you time and money by keeping it simple. Whether you process payments in a virtual terminal, on your website, or on the go, you will enjoy reduced Interchange costs on qualifying transactions.

Processing commercial credit cards from other businesses or government institutions doesn’t have to cost more. Our expertise can help lower Interchange costs (rates charged by Visa and MasterCard) by as much as 30%.


The table below provides a summary of the current Visa and MasterCard commercial cards that are eligible to qualify for level 2 and 3 processing.

Interchange qualification levels are determined by the amount of data presented, the card type, the merchant industry, and the dollar amount of the transaction.

How much can a merchant expect to save when utilizing level 2 or level 3 processing? The amount a merchant will save depends on the type of card presented, data entered, and the dollar amount of the transaction. The chart below demonstrates the savings offered on a $10,000 transaction with a Visa Purchasing Card.



Limited transaction data is present such as the dollar amount, transaction date, card number, and expiration date.


Limited to select commercial cards; includes the data in level 1 but also has two additional required fields: sales tax and customer code (purchase order or invoice number). In order to receive level 2 interchange rates, the following applies:

Transaction must not downgrade to EIRF or standard. If it downgrades, the transaction is not eligible. Examples of circumstances that might cause a transaction to downgrade include, but are not limited to:

– Billing zip code is not present for address verification on keyed transactions –

– The terminal is not settled within 24 hours of the authorization –

– The settlement amount does not equal the amount authorized –

– Card type must be an eligible card –

– Sales tax and customer code (invoice or PO number) must be present –

– Visa does not allow $0 sales tax to qualify –


Limited to select commercial cards; includes level 1 and 2 data but also must provide line item detail (Merchant Tax ID#, Shipping Zip, Item Description, Item Quantity, etc).  Only select virtual terminals have the ability to collect and pass through level 3 data.


In addition to Level 2 and level 3 Interchange, the merchant may qualify for Large Ticket rates which provide even greater savings.

– Must be an eligible commercial card –

Must meet dollar thresholds:

– Visa greater than $5,000 –

– MasterCard greater than $7,255 –

If you want to find out if your business could benefit from Level 2 and Level 3 processing, please contact our sales office today!