Industrial and Wholesale

Industrial and wholesale merchants typically incur higher processing costs because of the types of cards they accept. Our specialty is providing solutions that lower the cost of accepting Business, Purchasing, and Commercial credit cards.


Businesses accepting payment from government entities are subject to the high processing rates that come from government purchasing cards. Our solutions benefit both the supplier and the customer with enhanced reporting on transactions, coupled with a 30% lower cost

Medical & Professional Offices

Medical and professional offices often need a mix of products to make their businesses run efficiently. We take a consultative approach with these businesses to streamline processing methods and reporting functions, all at a lower cost.


Level 3 has access to a host of Point-of-Sale systems designed for restaurants.We can help you find a new system or integrate our payment platform with an existing point-of-sale system.


Level 3 can integrate with most online shopping carts or provide the solutions for building a new e-commerce site. We work with the merchant and their web developers to find the most cost-efficient solution based on their needs.

Mobile Processing

Our mobile processing solutions allow merchants the ability to accept credit/debit cards from anywhere. We provide flat rate or cost-plus pricing at a lower rate than competitors along with a mobile solution designed for B2B and Wholesale suppliers.

Quickbooks and Sage Integrations

Our Quickbooks and Sage integrations allow merchants to benefit from the lower Level 3 processing rates without sacrificing workflow and efficiency gained from their accounting programs.  Added features include automated emails for outstanding invoices, automatic posting of paid invoices, and 30-40% cheaper processing rates.

Custom Integrations

We will work with your developers to help you benefit from Level 3 processing rates without sacrificing your complex systems.

Additional Services

Level 3 Transactions is constantly in the process of evaluating and bringing in cutting edge and cost saving services to our clients.  If you have a need or request for a service that is not listed here, please let us know!